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Introducing Our New Staff!

Eclypseon aOwner posted Sat at 23:07

Howdy Free Worlders!

First, thank you everyone who showed up to make this month's drop party so much fun.

At the high point, we had 40 players online. Let's get even more next month

Second, and most importantly, please allow me to introduce to the Free World Staff Team our two new Builders and our new PeaceKeeper.

[Builder] Stormatic and  [Builder] Silvos have already shown great talent, and we are excited to see what new creations they will introduce. Be sure to give them your congrats on their new roles when you see them.

Also, we are happy to welcome our new  [Guard] SpacemanFrmSpace to the Free World PeaceKeeping team. Be sure to say a warm hello to Spaceman as he looks for hackers and evil doers and keeps the peace.

Once again, it has been a great day on Free World, and we look forward to bringing many more.


Welcome to our new staff

coolbrobj Nice work guys
coolbrobj yeah silvos
DaMitchy Congrats Spaceman,Silvos, and Stormatic!

We're Overdue...

Eclypseon aOwner posted Jun 22, 15

Howdy Free Worlders!

That's right, we are OVERDUE...

...for a PARTY!!!!

How does everyone feel about another drop party?

It's gonna be fun for everyone!

Join your Free World Family this Saturday, June 27th at 1:00 PM USA Eastern Time (other time zones shown below for your convenience)

We'll have lots of goodies including...

  • Fireworks!
  • Enchanted Armor, Tools, Weapons, and Books!
  • Guardian Fields!
  • Charms for your Guardian Fields!
  • Artifacts!
  • Clues to help you find the hidden chests in the City

In addtion, some of your staff will join in the fun on TeamSpeak

For reference, 1:00 PM US Eastern is:

  • 10:00 AM US Pacific
  • 6:00 PM London
  • 7:00 PM Munich
  • 1:00 AM Beijing (Sunday, June 28)
  • 3:00 AM Syndey (Sunday, June 28)

See you there!


mariocraft1010 nuu i missed it again!!! D:
DaMitchy Well I'm going to miss this one to because i'm going to the mountains to escape the heat! Hope everyone has fun! ...
M_doesminecraft This is going to be so sick

A Sober Warning...

Eclypseon aOwner posted May 31, 15

Players of Free World, please take a moment and read an important warning for our community.

A Sober Warning...

Thanks to all of our Drop Party & Scavenger Hunt participants!

And a special Congrats to EchoHeroes & Silvos who worked to together to find the Free 30 Day Subscription!

If you missed today's party, don't worry! We'll throw another fantastic celebration next month!

Have fun everyone, and don't forget to tell your friends about Free World!

Until next time, 


Happy Memorial Day      

In honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Fire Works!

EchoHeroes gee golly gosh i made the home page
mariocraft1010 Wait! I thought the party was next week! NOOOOO!
Silvos Builder Thanking you and Tom! Probably was one of my best days I have had on Freeworld so far and hopefully I will have many mor ...

Let's have some fun Free World!

Saturday, May 23, we're going to have a Drop Party + Scavenger Hunt.

Throughout World City (that's the Earthdale spawn city, if you're unfamiliar) staff will be placing hidden chests with goodies inside. We're also going to be tossing bunches of loot, fireworks, and fun all over the city! We've even got a fireworks show planned to be launched from the World City Fort.

Come join us for the festivities tomorrow! See below for the time relative to your location. 

Prizes dropped or hidden will include:

  • Diamonds!
  • Fireworks!
  • Enchanted Armor, Tools, Weapons, and Books!
  • Guardian Fields!
  • Charms for your Guardian Fields!
  • Artifacts!
  • Clues to help you find the hidden chests in the City


  • Somewhere, hiding quietly, at least one FREE month as a Subscriber!

Oh, and plenty of junk items that you can use to impress your friends and neighbors 

When is all this good stuff happening?

At 10 AM Pacific Time (UT-7) conversions below for your convenience:

  • 1 PM, Eastern US (UTC-4)
  • 6 PM, London UK (UTC+1)
  • 2 AM, Tokyo JP (UTC+9)
  • 3 AM, Sydney AU (UTC+10)

P.S. There's a pretty good chance that Eclypseon and some other staff may be on our Free World TeamSpeak channel. 

BlazeSucka I should be available to be in it and sounds AWESOME to do! ...
DaMitchy I'm not going to be home on Saturday... I hope this isn't going to be the only one...
SpacemanFrmSpace Guard Oh no! We have a festival in town tomorrow, then I'm going hiking! I won't be able to make it D: Well... Party on Wayn-- ...