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Flash Party!!

Eclypseon Owner posted Aug 6, 15

Howdy Free Worlders!

Its that time again. Time for a...

Flash Drop Party!

Join me and your Free World Staff this Saturday at 11am US Eastern at the Earthdale spawn for loads of fun and excellent loot!

11am US Eastern is:

8am US Pacific

4pm London UK

1am Sydney AU (Sunday)

ManaPopz Hopefully this time i can find all the rare items. Good luck to everyone this sunday.
FoxyFromFnaf I have no idea if I'll be here for the Flash Drop Party because I have been playing different games. So I'll see if I'll ...
_DanDingle_ Same here I expect all the flash!

Quick Update..

SpiritlessX Admin, Ret. posted Jul 19, 15

Hello FreeWorld family,

It has recently come to our attention that a rising number of players are sharing IP addresses of other servers, on our server. While we do encourage exploring the MC Universe, and expanding your knowledge and horizons and all that jazz, we ask that you please do not share IP addresses of other servers on our server. This type of behavior is regarded as generally unsafe, and is absolutely prohibited on our server. Anyone found advertising any IPs of any external servers besides our own, will be permanently muted, without chance of appeal.

The main reason we discourage IP address sharing is quite simple; some servers simply aren't safe. The word "griefer" does not originate from someone who destroys your house in Minecraft -- "An individual who uses online games, instant messaging, e-mail, or any other communication method to harass, obstruct, or in some way make an experience sour for another person." While most servers we visit nowadays seem safe, some servers have a plugin that steals your cookies. (Not the delicious chocolate chip kind either, I'm talking about within your PC.) This action has the potential of stealing your Minecraft account information, which can, in turn, lead to another player taking control of your Minecraft account, essentially allowing them to do whatever they choose on your favorite servers. That giant tower you spent a month on can be destroyed in minutes by someone taking control of your account.

And as most of you know, whatever happens on your account is your responsibility.

Meaning, if they do something to get you banned, you will stay banned.

As a result of this, we have updated the rules to include a very specific definition of advertising. Advertising has always been prohibited, and will continue to stay that way. If you choose to advertise, whether it be through message or local/global chat, be prepared to face the consequences. We are taking a very serious stance on this, and it will not be changing anytime soon.

Stay safe during your Minecrafting, guys. Friends don't let friends advertise!

- SpiritlessX

Duckekt this.was.very.well-written:25565

Happy 4th of July!

Eclypseon Owner posted Jul 4, 15

For all of our USA Free Worlders, Happy 4th of July!

As a part of the party, the SS Free World ship next the PVP bridge will be an ALL PVP ZONE for this week!

Enjoy sportsmanly combat and battle on the SS Free World!

Introducing Our New Staff!

Eclypseon Owner posted Jun 27, 15

Howdy Free Worlders!

First, thank you everyone who showed up to make this month's drop party so much fun.

At the high point, we had 40 players online. Let's get even more next month

Second, and most importantly, please allow me to introduce to the Free World Staff Team our two new Builders and our new PeaceKeeper.

[Builder] Stormatic and  [Builder] Silvos have already shown great talent, and we are excited to see what new creations they will introduce. Be sure to give them your congrats on their new roles when you see them.

Also, we are happy to welcome our new  [Guard] SpacemanFrmSpace to the Free World PeaceKeeping team. Be sure to say a warm hello to Spaceman as he looks for hackers and evil doers and keeps the peace.

Once again, it has been a great day on Free World, and we look forward to bringing many more.


Welcome to our new staff

coolbrobj Nice work guys
coolbrobj yeah silvos
DaMitchy Congrats Spaceman,Silvos, and Stormatic!

We're Overdue...

Eclypseon Owner posted Jun 22, 15

Howdy Free Worlders!

That's right, we are OVERDUE...

...for a PARTY!!!!

How does everyone feel about another drop party?

It's gonna be fun for everyone!

Join your Free World Family this Saturday, June 27th at 1:00 PM USA Eastern Time (other time zones shown below for your convenience)

We'll have lots of goodies including...

  • Fireworks!
  • Enchanted Armor, Tools, Weapons, and Books!
  • Guardian Fields!
  • Charms for your Guardian Fields!
  • Artifacts!
  • Clues to help you find the hidden chests in the City

In addtion, some of your staff will join in the fun on TeamSpeak

For reference, 1:00 PM US Eastern is:

  • 10:00 AM US Pacific
  • 6:00 PM London
  • 7:00 PM Munich
  • 1:00 AM Beijing (Sunday, June 28)
  • 3:00 AM Syndey (Sunday, June 28)

See you there!


mariocraft1010 nuu i missed it again!!! D:
DaMitchy Well I'm going to miss this one to because i'm going to the mountains to escape the heat! Hope everyone has fun! ...
M_doesminecraft This is going to be so sick