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"Grandfathered" Donators

reMARCable ao posted Tue at 8:04

Changes to a previous announcement regarding legacy donators:

Players who donated before the reset will be "grandfathered" in permanently.

In other words those who have donated for any of the following ranks will be receiving a permanent [Subscriber] rank when the Donator system comes back online: Member, VIP, Premium, Executive, Hero, Elite.

LethalVenom HeroExecutivePremiumVIP What perks does that give?
WATCHDOG12345 So does that meen anyone who didn't have a rank before the reset will have to keep purchasing the rank after a certain a ...
DestructoFish VIPMember So this means... We're going to be grandparents!

McMMO Temporarily Disabled

reMARCable ao posted Mon at 13:11

McMMO is temporarily disabled as I try to chase down the causes for our chunk errors thats crashing the server.

Trading has returned!

reMARCable ao posted Feb 19, 15

My last update before I head out for some snowboarding this weekend: /trade has returned! You no longer have to worry about stepping into a dark alley to perform a shady deal 

And quick confirmation: Yes, as I mentioned below Guardian Fields are super rare drops from mobs.

McMMO is Back!

reMARCable ao posted Feb 19, 15

Title says it all 

I'll be on vacation this coming weekend so I will resume updates afterward.

CapnSora I wish I had my 1000 unarmed still >.< oh well thxz ...
ElitePotato EliteVIPo ...

Before I list the new changes I made for today, I wanted to share something. Earlier this evening I decided to check up on the server. There were only a couple players online since it was late at night, but I saw something that really made me feel good about the server:

A brand new player had no idea how to start and needed help. After asking in chat if anybody could help, a couple Free World veterans started showing them around and even friended them to their Guardian. This is the community I want to build and grow here at Free World. We all come home from a long day at work and school and just want to hang out and have relax while enjoying some Minecraft. Whether it's PVPing on the bridge or grinding for items, it should all be good fun. You two heroes, Wallaceman105 and DreadLord552, have made me proud and earned yourself a personal shoutout! Thanks for leaving a great impression to Free World's newest member!  It's acts like these that keep me motivated on bringing you guys the best playing experience as possible!



The Free World Server Shop is back online!

Note more items will be added over time. For now items for sale are:

  • Guardian Fields
  • Charms
  • Free World's very first artifact: Dream Feather


Guardian Fields

  • Mobs now have a rare chance of dropping a Guardian Field



  • New players are now protected from PVP for 25 minutes


Coming Soon [Server Shop]

  • Donate to become a monthly Subscriber and receive various perks
  • More Artifacts and more Charms!
  • Past donators from before the reset will receive a free Subscription based on how much they donated


Coming Immediately Soon [General]

  • Return of Auctions
  • Return of the /trade command
DestructoFish VIPMember I have a question. Before the reset, I had the VIP rank, but I didn't buy it, I won it from Voter Of The Month. Will I s ...
Wallaceman105 No problem, marc! I'm always glad to help out new players. Plus, I wanted to build up my town. ...
ElitePotato EliteVIPo What does the ">" mean in front of Elite?