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Minechat Support

reMARCable a posted 22 hours ago

The Crossings (our hub) now has Minechat support! Type /minechat to teleport to the Earthdale server when you log on.

FinnBrauer Envos ...
playyip YAY! Also... the Nether. I'm confused as it's not here yet what are you doing to it!?

"Grandfathered" Donators

reMARCable a posted Tue at 8:04

Changes to a previous announcement regarding legacy donators:

Players who donated before the reset will be "grandfathered" in permanently.

In other words those who have donated for any of the following ranks will be receiving a permanent [Subscriber] rank when the Donator system comes back online: Member, VIP, Premium, Executive, Hero, Elite.

buggo257 Nevermind! Fixed
buggo257 I was a donator but I don't have a sparkle for being a grandparent subscriber. whats up?
LethalVenom What perks does that give?

McMMO Temporarily Disabled

reMARCable a posted Mon at 13:11

McMMO is temporarily disabled as I try to chase down the causes for our chunk errors thats crashing the server.

Trading has returned!

reMARCable a posted Feb 19, 15

My last update before I head out for some snowboarding this weekend: /trade has returned! You no longer have to worry about stepping into a dark alley to perform a shady deal 

And quick confirmation: Yes, as I mentioned below Guardian Fields are super rare drops from mobs.

McMMO is Back!

reMARCable a posted Feb 19, 15

Title says it all 

I'll be on vacation this coming weekend so I will resume updates afterward.

CapnSora @ Earthdale
I wish I had my 1000 unarmed still >.< oh well thxz ...