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Return of Like Signs

reMARCable a posted Mar 15, 15

New Artifact: Like Sign

An old familiar face has returned. You can now create a [Like] sign using a Like Sign artifact.

March 14 Update: Warps

reMARCable a posted Mar 13, 15


Warps have finally returned! Check out /warp help and /warp tutorial in-game to find out more!

In order to create a warp, you need to be holding in your hand the artifact called: [Adventurer's Map]

You can get these from grinding or from purchasing one from our Server Shop

Coming soon for warps:

  • You will soon be able to link buttons to your warp, just like our old Button Warps plugin
  • You will soon be able to charge players to use your warp

Market Bug Fix

The bug at the /market where you couldn't sell damageable items (such as shovels, pickaxes, etc.) is now fixed.

Wallaceman105 o Sweet. This should really help all the people making towns.
reMARCable a playyip Yes, but you need another [Adventurer's Map] to do that. This is to help alleviate some rare cases of abuse. ...

March 7 Update

reMARCable a posted Mar 7, 15

New Subscriber Perks

Subscribers now have the following new perks:

  1. +2% increased chance that a slain mob may drop special loot
  2. Placing signs with colored text

New Artifact: Blessing of Zeus

Some of you may have already discovered this new Legendary-type Artifact from grinding:

Blessing of Zeus Consumable. Immune to all damage for 10 minutes. Cannot deal damage to others.

It is now available for purchase at our Server Shop!

New Charm: All Mine

There has been a slight change in Guardian Fields behavior. Players that are not allowed in your Guardian Field can now pick up items. This tweak was introduced so that players can use your grinder and pick up their loot. You can teach your Guardian the All Mine charm to get back the old behavior of blocking non-allowed players from picking up items within your field.

TeamSpeak 3 Back Online

In case you haven't noticed, our TeamSpeak server is back online! Come hang out with the other Free Worlders! The IP is the same as our Minecraft server: play.mcfreeworld.com

Hopper Behavior

There was a slight tweak with protected chests and hoppers. By default, your protected chest will not work with any Hoppers. This change was necessary to prevent an exploit that allowed a player to steal items from your locked chest. To re-enable hoppers with your protected chest, use /chopper on. More information with the /protect command

Locking All Doors and Trap Doors

You can now lock any of the other types of Doors (Dark Oak Doors, Acacia Doors, etc) and Trap Doors.

Upcoming Servers

Two special teams from our Staff have started work on our two coming servers!

  1. Moonwing: Creative server.
  2. Dragonfang: Factions PVP server.

The two teams have some cool ideas coming for the two new servers, stay tuned!

Terrierman I'm so happy Freeworld is back! ...
Wallaceman105 o Still can't lock the doors.
GamingKingGK those names are awesome

Mobs now have a rare chance of dropping artifacts! Before today mobs only dropped charms, but now artifacts have a chance of dropping!

In addition to this update, there is a new artifact available in the Server Shop (as well as a mob drop)!

The Phoenix Pendant: Consumed upon death. If you have the Phoenix Pendant on you while you're killed, it will sacrifice itself to protect your items. Meaning you don't lose your items if you die.

For those wondering here is the list of Artifact levels, from least rare to most rare:

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Wallaceman105 o Legen.....wait for it.....dary.
ElitePotato Will the Phoenix Pendant affect mob drops or player drops?
LethalVenom ^ dork, but on a more serious note. Are the subscriber ranks for past donators perminate or temporary?


The [Subscriber] rank is now available for purchase at our Server Store! Purchasing the [Subscriber] rank means you get special perks for 30 days!

Keep in mind the reason why you donate in the first place: You enjoy playing here at Free World enough to want to support us! We have to pay for the server and website every month to stay open. Free World is able to stay open because of your support! Subscribers are players who want Free World to stick around for a while.

With that said, I'm sure you're interested in what comes with the [Subscriber] rank. It is still a work in progress, meaning there are still much more perks to come! However for now, here is what you get whenever you subscribe:

  • /disguse and /undisguise
    Currently available disguises:

Adult Cow
Baby Cow
Adult Chicken
Baby Chicken
Baby Sheep
Adult Sheep (any color)
Tamed Wolf
Baby Wolf
Adult Wolf
Aggressive Wolf
Infected Baby Zombie
Baby Pig Zombie
Saddled Pig
Baby Pig
Tamed Ocelot

  • /feed
    Replenish your entire hunger bar every 30 minutes

  • /afk {away message}
    Auto-reply to players who private message you letting you know you're Away

  • Create [Disposal] signs to trash unwanted items

  • And here is a sneak peek of one of the coming perks: Increased percentage of drops from Mobs!

Top Voter Rewards

The top voter at the end of the month get a free 30 day Subscription!

Nether & End

The Nether and End worlds are now open! Type /spawn and head to the portals in front of you to get there.

Market Makeover

I know, the /market was confusing to navigate and hard to find items. The /market had a small makeover (still a bit incomplete) to make shopping for weapons and items easier!

New Charm: Conqueror

There is a new charm available through either the Server Store or as a super rare Mob Drop! Conqueror. Use this in your Field to increase the radius by 5 blocks! So for example, if your Guardian Field is currently 15 x 15, throwing the Conqueror charm potion in your field will increase it to 25 x 25! There is no limit to how many Conqueror charms you can throw into your Guardian Field!


There are now [Disposal] signs at the /market! Subscribers can also make their own [Disposal] signs

TP Killing Clarification

A quick note on TP Killing: It is heavily frowned upon and discouraged in the Free World community, but we will not be jailing if a player willingly teleports to another player and then gets killed. That player is the ones willingly typing /tpaccept even after reading the warning.