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Quick Update!

RemixedWubs ChiefCaptainGuardElite
RemixedWubs @ Free World
posted Feb 20, 14
New Features, New FreeWorld!
"You can check out any time you like.. but you can never leave."

So, with WorldCity opening up, and the staff undergoing some major changes.. I'm sure most of you have noticed everything that's going on. We gained a Chief, gained an Architect, and an Admin, all in the course of about two days. What does this mean for you, as a player? It means you should expect some fancy new changes. Over the course of the next few weeks, you're going to notice things changing quite drastically, for the better of FreeWorld. We'll be going a lot less laggy, we'll be gaining some new worlds, gaining some new experiences, possibly a few new plugins. That makes for one epic gaming experience for you, as a FreeWorld player. Lemme run over quickly what we may be adding, very soon. Like it much, you shall. 

The Official FreeWorld Handbook!
"Little bit of humble, little bit of cautious."

Honestly, this won't be nearly as bad as it sounds. This handbook, this.. chalice of champions.. (HP reference anyone?) will be held high by the staff. I've worked since December with the staff and Marc, to whip together a serious, real-deal handbook. The OFH will be your go-to for all of the rules, in extreme details. If you ever have a concern about a rule, it'll be right in that book. Our goal is to have the OFH cover every single rule there can be, so that you're guaranteed to never get in trouble, so long as you follow those rules. Sounds good? Well.. to some, maybe. We have added a couple new rules, but they are mostly expansions onto the already existing ones. We also refined a few, and detailed a few, just to make sure they are not misunderstood for any reason. Speaking of rules.. I just want to reiterate something Marc has said.

Please do not stalk or harass other players' servers.

I'm being so serious on this one, guys. Advertising on other servers, going to other servers just to harass, not cool. Not at all. You want to know why we get shut down for a week? Someone decided to advertise on that one, "oh that looks puny," server, which really has an owner or a staff member that is incredibly defensive against their server, and is willing to put in a DDoS for us in the blink of an eye. Advertising on another server is a huge no-no, and I'm so against it, I'll make sure you're not only permanently muted on that server, but you're permanently muted on our server as well. We take this very serious. We wouldn't want people advertising on our server, so why should we allow our members to advertise on someone else's? It's rude.. it's nonsensical, and all the other complicated words I could use. This also goes for harassing other servers. I've gotten complaints over the past couple of days of our players harassing other servers. That is not something that should be happening. That is something that may lead to punishment on our server. 

Suggestions Everywhere!
"I say.. the future is ours! If you.. can count."

So if anyone has taken a walk around FreeWorld, you might notice there is a new, (kind of ghetto looking,) building, right before the Colosseum. You'll also notice.. a ton of signs on the inside of this thing. What is it? This, my dear friends, is our /warp suggestions. And is our new go-to for suggestions that get tossed around. This building will be remade, very soon, and will be updated completely, each week. We'll be adopting a new idea that I.. "found".. and creating a Ready-Set-Go! suggestion style. This will show all suggestions which have been suggested and approved, (Ready.) It will show all suggestions which are being worked on, (Set.) And it will show all suggestions which are being put into place, or have been completed, (Go!) I'm really quite excited for it. Your voice is always heard in FreeWorld, and we're glad to make it happen for you. You can always mail me. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

WorldCity Events!
 "It's gonna get.. it's gonna get louder."

Some of you may have noticed lately.. I've been holding random PvP Tournaments at the PvP Bridge. These random "Official" contests are done every once in awhile, and may soon become more often. When? Well, when you let me know you'd like them to continue! For those of you who haven't been in one yet, the PvP Tournaments do not allow potion or gapple usage, it's just you, your armor, and your weapons, versus some random opponent, in a fight to the death, inside of a glass box.. on the PvP Bridge. Do you play for keepsies? Well, of course. You aren't required to return. For a list of all the winners so far, you can visit /warp pvphall and check 'em out.

Also incoming in WorldCity.. a possible new Parkour course? We'll discuss this at a later date.. but submit your ideas for the new course! We'll be glad to listen and possibly implement a new Parkour course style!

Hunger Games? MineZ? Skywars? Skyblock? Considering..

Drop parties, drop parties, everywhere. We may be adding this too. It'll be held by a random member of staff, at least once or twice a week. 

And Build Contests? Will those ever return..?

March Build Contest!
"I just wanted you to know.. that you're the best."

We haven't had a Build Contest in quite awhile. So in these last few days of February, submit your ideas quickly! We'll be accepting ideas for the new Build Contest, beginning on March 1st. Your suggestions are due by the end of February, (2/28/14) and on March 1st, we will begin the new contest, to end by the end of March. And if it's a success, who knows? Maybe we'll have a new FreeWorld tradition that FreeWorld chooses our Build Contest for the next month.. ooooh. Fancy, right?

That's All, Folks!
"I'll be here all week. Heh."

Marc and I have been working hard to plan out the future of FreeWorld, and you'll be seeing these changes very soon. Hang in there, stay positive, stay patient, and stay free. We do so love our FreeWorlders, and we can't wait to bring these new changes into FreeWorld. It's going to mean a lot of time and patience, but we're determined to make FreeWorld an unforgettable experience. Something you'll take with you, no matter where you go.

Love, your Admin,
g_craftologist The quote under New Features, New Freeworld. That is from a song: Hotel California, by Eagles.
TheShadowLord024 Looks Good, can't wait
FoxyGrampa17 x When will the hand book come out


mtapalla aOwnerPremiumVIP posted Jan 14, 14
Happy 2014! Happy Belated Holidays!

Happy belated New Years, Free World! I hope you all had a chance to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones!

Are you excited for 2014? You should be! I have a ton of fun and exciting plans up my sleeve for Free World this year.

Now without further ado...

World City

If you've been living under a rock the past couple days, I'm proud to announce that we have officially opened WORLD CITY!

We have received much positive feedback from our beloved Players. I hope you enjoy our new spawn, as our Builders have poured blood, sweat & tears working on this project. Currently you are able to enjoy fun venues such as Warrior's Walkway, the Race Track, the Colosseum, Temple Renovato, and of course the new /Market!

Since now that World City is open, does this mean we're done with it? NO WAY! We are FAR from being complete. We have tons of exciting plans up our sleeves. Construction continues. Expansion continues. If you haven't noticed already, there are several easter eggs scattered throughout the city. I suggest you explore around and find them! We will continuously be adding on easter eggs, NPCs, and perhaps even QUESTS! Free World's World City will constantly evolve to enrich your spawn world experience through loot, quests, and server history, and much much more! Some will be announced, some will be kept on the hush hush, so stay tuned...

If you still get lost in the vast abyss of the city, here's a useful map put together by Eclypseon to help you out:

I would love to give a personal and special thanks to the following:

Unstable - For work such as bringing the players a race track to compete on and a PVP Bridge (officially named Warrior's Walkway) to duel on! As you can tell, competition seems to be in his blood! Every time you slay an opponent on Warrior's Walkway, make sure to dedicate your kill to Unstable!

TriStarz - For some of the breathtaking mega-builds within the city's walls, such as the Portal Mausoleum as well as the Colosseum! The Colosseum is currently an exciting area to explore, but we have plans up our sleeves for his colossal Arena (...perhaps a mega-grinder? A mega-PVP zone? I will let your imagination run wild!)

Eclypseon - For the creative City detailing, his University containing Tutorials, as well as the planning of the city! Eclypseon and I have a vision for a rich and fulfilling player experience within the city itself, so stay tuned for further World City developments.... If you have any cool ideas or fun suggestions for World City that you think Free World would enjoy, give Eclypseon a buzz! 

ScootaWho - For his absolute unmatched build talent! Scoota is an absolute master at his art. He can turn a blank canvas into an absolute masterpiece. You may have already enjoyed much of his work through Temple Renovato (players brand new to Free World spawn here!), as well as the new Warp /Station. I am absolutely blessed to have talent such as Scoota on the team! Please thank Scoota for all the hard work he has put into making Free World a beautiful place to be in! Spam him with thanks!

RemixedWubs - Last but definitely not least, the one and only Remixed! She has to have gray hairs by now from managing World City. Through thick and thin she stuck with the World City project, no matter how difficult and how unmanageable it seemed to be. She did an absolutely spectacular job making this into a complete reality. Please PM her in-game and express your appreciation (sorry Remixed, you're now about to get spammed by everyone <3 )!

And of course I'd like to thank the rest of the players who played a role, no matter how minor, in the creation of World City: Choopy, Novaxa, & Medfit to name a few! If I missed your name, I sincerely apologize - it's almost impossible to track a year's worth of work on the city!  

So again, please please please thank the above whether through chat or private message for their hard work on making Free World a much more beautiful & enjoyable server!

Market Prices

Now on to other news...  Yes, I understand the commotion right now is the about the market prices. We moved the pricing to a new system, which is for the better as we had to account for all the new items introduced in recent patches. We now have a more balanced pricing system for your goods as well as future items. The second reason for the increase was to adjust for inflation due to donations and voting.

However this doesn't mean that Free World is now "harder." It simply means that $1,000 back then is not the same as $1,000 now. Throughout these next several weeks, I will be adjusting Jobs, Voting, PVP/Mob Arena, Donations, and etc accordingly. I am definitely open to feedback you may have as I make adjustments!

That's it for now!

World City is now open with coming constant updates such as secret loot, quests, NPCs, etc. Market prices increased due to moving to a more balanced pricing system as well as adjustment for inflation. Much awesome, such wow coming for 2014!
FatalDistraction x I remember when World City was just beginning, when only Med and a few others were allowed in........ jeez, that was a l ...
HeyPeeps157 I would like to say, even if i am a bit late here, that this server has exceeded my expectations for it by a lot

Happy Birthday, FreeWorld!

RemixedWubs ChiefCaptainGuardElite
RemixedWubs @ Free World
posted Sep 18, 13
One Year Later..

"FreeWorld wasn't always so busy.. in fact, I remember back when, if you got on in the middle of the day, on a Saturday, more often than not, you'd either be alone, or only on with two or three other players. The server was quiet, almost always.. it was peaceful. Almost therapeutic. I used to love to hop on the server, knowing I had it all for myself. I could build to my heart's content, and not have to worry about watching the chat to see my name being called. You could roam the PvP bridge freely, and not be attacked, simply because there was nobody else around. Towny didn't exist, we weren't using Enjin for our site.. we didn't have a global chat, or a very expansive spawn. We didn't have a bunch of minigames, and building in FreeBuild or Creative, or raiding, was almost the only way to go. If you needed staff help, you asked Marc directly, and if you didn't know the answer to a question, you would find it out for yourself. FreeWorld.. has changed a lot, since those days. Most certainly for the better."

"We've come pretty far since those days, though. Of course, we couldn't have done any of it without Marc. In fact, if we didn't have Marc, there wouldn't be a FreeWorld.. quite obviously. I feel pretty honored to say that I've worked alongside Marc for almost an entire year, working and pushing to get FreeWorld to be one of the best server experiences that a player could ask for. Endless minigames, vast worlds, dozens upon dozens of plugins, caring staff who would help you no matter what. We love this server.. we wouldn't trade it for anything."
- [Mod] RemixedWubs

"Freeworld. Where we come to be free. Come to get away from our problems. Come to enjoy building, and chilling with our friends. War and anger may happen sometimes, but we get through it and come together as one. I have made so many awesome friends and have met so many new people all over the world. If it wasn't for Freeworld, I wouldn't have had all of these awesome experiences. Thanks to everyone for being awesome, and especially thanks to Marc for putting up with all of us, and running an amazing server."
- [Captain] UnstableParallel

Finally one year, eh? To me, it feels like so much more... I have been through a lot of thing on FreeWorld, and I mean A LOT of things… From the very first day I joined, until today, has been an incredible, spectacular adventure. I remember back in the early days, when FreeWorld even had another IP address. A much, much smaller place than it is today. FreeWorld has grown, and it is officially been public for one year. FreeWorld has changed every one of us. And I’m incredibly glad for that. We have an insane amount of strong players here. Together, we have made FreeWorld what it is today. And we’ll keep pushing FreeWorld into the future. Together, we are FreeWorld, and no one can ever change that. Happy birthday FreeWorld!
- [Guard] Ove98

Our Legacy.. Our Members.

"The server is unique. I found it through boredom, but through that.. I've also found happiness, new friends, and a greater appreciation for the little things. Like pixels."
- woogi2 (aka Flubbermau5)

"FreeWorld has been a epic place to hang out. I've made many friends, and enemies.. been staff, seen some pretty crazy things. I hope FreeWorld has many more years to come."
- [Elite] TheMasterOfDerps (aka sonic7058)

"When I first got on FreeWorld, I was just starting out. But now.. I know how to play. I've made a ton of friends on FreeWorld, (like Sonic.) And Scoota is pretty cool."
- [Executive] Dirgie (aka Dreadlord552)

"Be here for another year. For sure, this is the best server and community I've ever seen."
- MDoubleMrf (aka Double)

"Being staff on this server means everything to me. Never in my two years of Minecrafting have I found a server where, I can honestly see myself staying. Where I can think, literally, months into the future, and I can still see myself helping Marc expand this server. I can still see myself training new staff, tossing out suggestions, dealing with the mad advertising rush and the bugs and the little problems we run across. Hosting parkour contests and PvP contests for the members, drop parties, and being there for when our players just need someone to talk to. I'm like.. the mom of FreeWorld, as Marc calls me. I'm very protective of everyone. If someone is in distress, I do what I can to help them. I don't like seeing any of our members upset, or not enjoying themselves. Minecraft is a beautiful game, and often, people forget that. They forget what's past the pixels, the words, the fighting, the name-calling.. they forget that, at the end of the day, we're here to have fun. That's what FreeWorld is all about. We're here to have fun, and enjoy ourselves. To back away from that horrible day you've had in the outside world, take a few minutes to de-stress, and enter the world of blocks, to calm your mind.. and relax with your friends. That's what we aim to keep going. And we plan to do that, for as long as we possibly can. We want this server to be successful. And that's what we're accomplishing. This year anniversary, not only marks the start of something new and amazing.. but the start of a fresh new year for FreeWorld. Many changes are going to take place, and it's going to ultimately, make FreeWorld a better place, a better experience."

"With this year, we take the good, and the bad. The newcomers, and the banned players.. the fights, and the parties.. the contests and the wars.. the lag-free environment, and the downtimes. All of that has made this community stronger, and stronger, and finally, we're ready. We're ready to bring you something that you can't ever forget."

"I think I can speak for all of FreeWorld when I say, Marc is honestly one of the most caring, hardworking, enthusiastic, and positive server owners I have ever met in Minecraft. He's the life and the soul of the server, he keeps FreeWorld running and moving forward. He looks past the rough points, and fixes things without hesitation. Without him, we wouldn't have any of this. And I'm proud to say that I'm staff on this server. He's stuck with us through everything you can possibly imagine. Because of that.. FreeWorld loves him. Every time they know he's bound to be on sometime during the day, it's, "When is Marc coming on? I want to say hi! I want to meet him. I want to tell him how amazing this server is. I want to offer a suggestion." And that's what I absolutely love about this server. They love their owner, and as soon as his name pops up on the list, the chat is instantly flooded with hellos and praise about the server. And he listens. He listens to every single one of his members, and he cares. He truly cares."

"That's why I love FreeWorld. And I wouldn't have it any other way."
[Mod] RemixedWubs

Happy Birthday, FreeWorld!
September 18th, 2013.
One amazing year of FreeWorld.
spiderslayer130 EliteVIP nice article! I hope FreeWorld is up for a long time for others to enjoy ;)
TheShadowLord024 I had to take a break, PC Died, being able to Play again has been Very Nice, and all the changes are cool
12345gabbe12345 I've been playing on the server since it was 15 max players and I liked it alot. Now I'm not playing minecraft that much ...

Free World is Under Attack!

mtapalla aOwnerPremiumVIP posted Sep 7, 13
.........No longer! Thank you all who have fought hard and valiantly while the attacks were happening! You are true heroes!

Gather around Free Worlders! I have a tale to tell. Free World was attacked. But do not worry, we ended up victorious!

To those who missed it, let me speak of the Hacker Wars that happened not too long ago....

While Marc was away at distant lands, the innocent citizens of Free World were visited by an evil force. An evil, ruthless man named Akrill who sought nothing but to inflict war and terror upon the World he found. The Free World.

Hundreds took arms to defend the Spawn. They knew they were going against a God, for Akrill mastered the Dark Arts. Akrill was able to grant himself OP.

...And yet there they stood. With sword and axe in hand (or hand in hand for those unarmed fighters). Hoping. Praying. Praying that their endless hours training their McMMO stats at Mob Grinders will prove helpful in this coming war.

And then Akrill attacked. For hours he waged war against Free World. Our most loyal Players stood ground and fought with all their might! Marc's Peace Keepers and Builders came to aid. The Staff and Players together fought back.

...and yet, the PVP Bridge eventually fell into ruins. It took face of the beat down, war-burdened Factions World. Many lost lives that day, only to be respawned in the middle of the battlefield. The fight continued for hours.

As the Spawn's mighty protective walls crumbled, with the Market covered in Lava and the bridge decimated into ruins... Player started losing hope. Is Free World gone forever? Is this The End? Both men and women began to weep. The thought of peaceful times being no more brought sadness. Then it happened.

Thunder began cracking in the air as if the Heavens were opening. And there in the sky upon a cloud stood Marc. He returns! War cries of happiness fill the air. He is not angry nor furious. He assures his Players who still remained that all will be well. He strikes down the evil Akrill with his Enchanted Sword, forged of Diamond. Akrill was no match of Marc.

The players rejoice! But what of the grief? What of the major damage Akrill had already inflicted? Marc snaps his fingers. And instantly Free World is restored.

The sun begins to come out, touching the lands of Free World. The night was long. It is dawn. The photo above shows weary players. Exhausted from battle.

These are the tales of the Hacker Wars. Where Akrill came with evil intent to destroy Free World. Where he failed and was bested by Marc.

Thank you to all who defended! The End!
CryoControl Ah, memories <3 Wilson5256, to answer your question. I am 18 years old. 17 at the time. I don't know why it would be ...
wakeboarder465 Premium man, I wish I joined sooner!
CapnSora Wow I wish I was there I could of helped but I was in chicago.

September 2013 News! (Special Edition)

RemixedWubs ChiefCaptainGuardElite
RemixedWubs @ Free World
posted Sep 5, 13

Incoming News! Everyone keep your pixels together.
"What is this? We're finally doing a news post? It's been like 4 months!"

Yes, yes, I know. It's been 4 months since you guys have had a proper news post, and I don't mean the random server updates that get posted on the Announcements page. And.. what's this? RemixedWubs is posting the news post? This is a disaster! What ever shall we do? Well.. you could start by reading along. I've got a lot of stuff to cover, and not much time. Chop chop, let's go.

"What say you, diamond PVPers of FreeWorld?"

The Top Voter of the Month!
"Multiplied by four, since we're a little off, here."

For those of you who don't vote, this is just a small snippet of what you could be receiving if you did vote. Those four diamonds and $100 may add up over time, but you know what also adds up over time? Donator ranks. You know what you receive everytime you are the Top Voter of the Month? A donator rank. Seriously, ask Nyanamease. First person in FreeWorld history to vote his way all the way up to the Elite donator rank. Voting not only helps you, it helps us too. So, without further ado, I give you the past four Top Voters..

June: Nyanamease
July: dan113790
August: RawClips

For assisting in pushing FreeWorld to the very tops of those server lists, each Top Voter will receive a free donator rank. These donator ranks add onto the existing ranks, (if they have one,) and could possibly be the difference between that Pigman mobdisguise, and the Creeper mobdisguise. Don't forget to vote!

"All in favor of creeper explosions, raise your captchas!"

September's Build Contest: Project "Easter Egg"
"Easter Eggs in September? This isn't what you think.. I swear.."

With our on-and-off Build Contests becoming more and more random, we would like to offer you the challenge of a new type of Build Contest. But these Easter Eggs aren't what you're thinking of. If you're thinking rainbowy-colorful, adorable little decorated eggs for Easter.. erase that from your mind. These kinds of Easter Eggs are items, builds, or random things that are hidden in places that aren't overly obvious. They make for a great exploration, and when you find them, you'll likely always giggle a bit to yourself. If not, maybe a smile. Then proudly announce that you've found one of World City's Easter Eggs. 

With this contest, we challenge you to build an Easter Egg, unlike any other. Something we can hide deep within World City, so that future members may stand in awe of them for years to come. The sky is the limit! (Literally.)

For more information on September's Build Contest, click here.

"Hidden deep within the city.. stands an area of vast destruction.."

Factions Spawn gets a revamp!
"Lack of TNT is preferred here. A map is also preferred."

This revamp is so massive, you'll need a map to navigate it. With Factions world becoming less and less populated, we've proposed an idea to get it going again. A brand new spawn is in the works, as is a new market, designed to give you ease of access, as you buy TNT cannon materials, base materials, and other raiding supplies, as well as portals, leading to places spanning the untouched biomes of the Factions world. Not only will the new spawn be completely over water, it will also be in a place far away from the current location..

"Listen close, the sounds of dying players and TNT rages on.."

World City is nearing completion!
 "It's been almost a year! This better be worth it.."

We're so confident it's worth it, we've even got a date set for it's finish line. World City originally started in a very flat area of the spawn world, as a beacon on a stonebrick tower, and a few buildings plopped down in the surrounding area. Around December of 2012, Marc and I finally began the project. World City was moved, and it picked up strength, speed, a few amazing and dedicated builders, and a team of staff that gives so much support, we can't possibly beat it. To mark this day, we bring you a few more sneak peeks of World City, and all it's glorious artwork. The fine details speak loud and clear.

"World City University is closed for the evening. Except to mobs."

"Take a step, jump, take a step, fall to your death."

Wrap-Up of everything since May!
 "You'll probably be dead by the end of this list. Get it? Wrap up..?"

 To make this easier on the eyes, this one will be in list form. Here we go!

  • You may now lock dispensers with /cprivate!
  • [Lift] signs are free to create in Creative World.
  • Station Warp requests are temporarily disabled.
  • Towny Mayors can remove locked chests!
  • The /warp system has been revamped entirely.
  • You may have 4 tamed horses in the spawn world.
  • FreeBuild has been expanded by 5,000 blocks!
  • /ignore has been fixed. You won't see shouts anymore.
  • New mail system! Check /mail for more info.
  • Horses may now be killed on the PVP bridge.
  • Horse pushing will earn you a strike and jailtime

As for any other minor details, keep up to date by paying close attention to the forums. We'll most likely be adding in a pixelton of new things, very soon.

"So much news.. I feel like a zombie.."

The End!
 "I swear, I'm done talking now!"

As some of you may have noticed, this isn't the usual Marc post.. we've been slacking lately on keeping the news posts up-to-date, with Marc being so busy and whatnot, that I have taken over the task.. this time around.. as being the official news deliverer person thing. So, as.. that title.. I would like to thank you all for reading this incredibly long post. Thanks for being a FreeWorlder, keep voting, keep an eye out for future updates, and stay pixely.

"Screenshots brought to you by ScootaWho and RemixedWubs."
yvetalEX46 HeroExecutivePremiumVIP Remix you did a great job with this. I hope yuo can post more! SWEEEEET!!!!!!!
UnstableParallel ChiefCaptainGuardElite Oh he jacked my skin, that's cool.
superpenguin777 EliteHeroExecutivePremium btw Unstable, that was joeyguy, not you