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Thanks to all of our Drop Party & Scavenger Hunt participants!

And a special Congrats to EchoHeroes & Silvos who worked to together to find the Free 30 Day Subscription!

If you missed today's party, don't worry! We'll throw another fantastic celebration next month!

Have fun everyone, and don't forget to tell your friends about Free World!

Until next time, 


Happy Memorial Day      

In honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Fire Works!

mariocraft1010 Wait! I thought the party was next week! NOOOOO!
Silvos o Thanking you and Tom! Probably was one of my best days I have had on Freeworld so far and hopefully I will have many mor ...

Let's have some fun Free World!

Saturday, May 23, we're going to have a Drop Party + Scavenger Hunt.

Throughout World City (that's the Earthdale spawn city, if you're unfamiliar) staff will be placing hidden chests with goodies inside. We're also going to be tossing bunches of loot, fireworks, and fun all over the city! We've even got a fireworks show planned to be launched from the World City Fort.

Come join us for the festivities tomorrow! See below for the time relative to your location. 

Prizes dropped or hidden will include:

  • Diamonds!
  • Fireworks!
  • Enchanted Armor, Tools, Weapons, and Books!
  • Guardian Fields!
  • Charms for your Guardian Fields!
  • Artifacts!
  • Clues to help you find the hidden chests in the City


  • Somewhere, hiding quietly, at least one FREE month as a Subscriber!

Oh, and plenty of junk items that you can use to impress your friends and neighbors 

When is all this good stuff happening?

At 10 AM Pacific Time (UT-7) conversions below for your convenience:

  • 1 PM, Eastern US (UTC-4)
  • 6 PM, London UK (UTC+1)
  • 2 AM, Tokyo JP (UTC+9)
  • 3 AM, Sydney AU (UTC+10)

P.S. There's a pretty good chance that Eclypseon and some other staff may be on our Free World TeamSpeak channel. 

EnderMVP I should be available to be in it and sounds AWESOME to do! ...
DaMitchy I'm not going to be home on Saturday... I hope this isn't going to be the only one...
SpacemanFrmSpace Oh no! We have a festival in town tomorrow, then I'm going hiking! I won't be able to make it D: Well... Party on Wayn-- ...

Into the Future!

Eclypseon aOwner posted May 8, 15

Howdy Free World!

We are so excited about Free World's future. With the incredible foundation Marc has laid, we can only expect our server to get better as we build onward.

A special part of that future is the introduction of Free World's official [Codemaster] Saitaku!

Saitaku is a talented and capable player, and is working with me and Marc to hand over the reins of all the great things Marc already has in store.

I know you all have a lot of really great ideas, and we will be considering lots of new and expanded features for Free World. Not the least of which is our upcoming Creative Server: Moonwing. But that's not all! Your staff and codemaster are already hard at work on the (still shrouded in mystery ) PVP Server: Dragonfang.

When you see Saitaku online, please give him a warm welcome, and remember, he's got a lot on his plate, so don't be too hasty to pour all of your ideas and feature requests on him all at once. Saitaku, the staff, and I will be looking at a lot of the feedback provided on our Suggestions & Feedback thread (here). Not everything asked of us can be implemented, but we are eager to know what you think. (Just remember, no one's idea is ever "so bad" you can't be respectful about it)



DestructoFish I know Moonbeam was a typo, but I like the name Moonbeam a little more than Moonwing. Just my opinion.
CapnJordan Couldn't have been said better Eclypseon. I am very excited about what's to come on this server. By the way is the &quo ...

New Management!

reMARCable Owner, Ret. posted Apr 8, 15

Dearest Server,

I am very pleased to announce that Free World will be under new management, effective immediately!

I would like to introduce to you Free World's new owner: [Owner] Eclypseon

For those who are curious, without going into too much detail, I have been blessed with an exciting opportunity IRL that I cannot not pass up. Sadly it requires my full & undivided attention leaving me with no time at the end of the week for Free World. Any free time I do end up finding I would like to spend with my friends and family. Free World deserves an Owner that can spend the time and energy to nurture and grow this community.

What does this mean for Free World? Nothing. She lives on. You are in good and capable hands in which I have full confidence in. I must say it's been a fun and exhilarating ride with you all. Even though at the end of the day Minecraft is just a game, I enjoyed our journey together in creating and fostering a brand new community from scratch. Free World started as a mere a private server between just me and my brothers (who have since left the scene a long time ago), and has now grown to the great and harmonious community we've forged today! Please continue to pass the torch and keep the spirit alive.

It's been a pleasure... This is [Owner] Marc, signing out, for the last time!


DJ_Ral Gratz Eclypseon and good luck Marc, thank you for helping all of us in the community through good and bad times. (single ...
GamingKingGK good luck to eclypseon
diamondnate2003 Long live Marc! And Freeworld!

Return of Like Signs

reMARCable Owner, Ret. posted Mar 15, 15

New Artifact: Like Sign

An old familiar face has returned. You can now create a [Like] sign using a Like Sign artifact.